Thursday, 6 March 2014


Since September 2013, I've been amidst both the utter stress and total excitement of applying to university. It's a pretty scary process: having to write a personal statement all about yourself and your interest in your course within only 4000 characters, then submitting it to your chosen universities and just waiting for an email from UCAS of an offer, or an interview, or just anything! I've been refreshing my UCAS account and email inbox non-stop since I submitted my form.

I want to study Animation for the next three years of my life. However, the fact that this is an Art and Design related subject means that I had to endure five portfolio interviews. YES - FIVE. I'm super jealous of all my friends that didn't have any interviews grrr…!!

In the end, four out of the five went pretty smoothly, and the fifth interview was at my last choice university anyway, so I was over the moon to receive four offers! The experience of the interviews, although painful at the time, definitely boosted my confidence in talking to people I'd just met about my work, and it meant I had five little road trips all over the country with my dad!

After changing my mind sooooo many times, I've finally chosen my first and second choice universities, registered for my accommodation and applied for student finance. I'm so excited for this coming September and I absolutely cannot wait to start my course eeeeeeep! :D
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