Monday, 7 July 2014


The other day, I decided it was time to restructure the clothes in my wardrobe. I only wanted things that really needed to be hung up (like chiffon shirts, blazers and dresses) to be on hangers, and the rest of my clothes (like standard T-shirts and anything in that foldable jersey material) could be folded up and put into drawers. So, I hopped on over to Pinterest to try and find some practical ways of laying out my drawers. My main reasons for sorting them out were that I wanted to be able to see absolutely everything straight away when I open each drawer, instead of having to hunt through piles of clothes to find the one thing I have in mind. I also wanted to maximise the use of the space in each drawer, so that the clothes inside one won't catch on the drawer above when I try and open it.

The best way that I found to organise clothes drawers was by folding things as you normally would, like into quarters, then folding them again into thirds so you end up with a long strip, with the width of the garment about two to three times the height. You then put all the strips of clothes upright next to each other, without layering them on top of each other... Oh dear, I'm not doing a very good job of explaining this! Basically, everything is folded up thinly and placed vertically as opposed to horizontally along the bottom of the drawer. This way, you can see a thin snippet of each garment in the drawer at the same time. Just look at the photos below - you'll understand what I'm on about!

My drawers are quite small, but this style of organisation would also totally work in a dresser with wider drawers. To be honest, this would actually look so much neater in a wooden dresser - it's just my drawers are this weird metal mesh design, so the odd things kinda poke out the gaps, making the overall appearance look a little scruffy. Before I got these clothes organised, I always used to have to go rummaging through my drawers to find something to wear, and along the way I'd find things that I'd forgotten I even owned! But after sorting everything out like this, I'll never have that problem again! Now, all that's left to do is find a way to organise all my shoes…


  1. Ashley Llewellyn7 July 2014 at 14:48

    This is incredibly organized! I thought my drawers were organized haha but this is just...beautiful haha love the rainbow pattern too :)

  2. haha aw thank you!! Having my clothes organised like this definitely makes me feel less stressed in the morning when I'm trying to work out what to wear! :)

  3. This is exactly how I fold my tshirts. I have so many tshirts from college. This folding technique really helps. I have them color coordinated, haha. It makes it easier to find a tshirt. You're drawers look way better though!

  4. haha thanks jasmine :D i know right, it really is a brilliant technique for keeping things neat and tidy!


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