Thursday, 31 July 2014


This July has been my busiest but definitely my most fun month of blogging so far. I've been working really hard to get good quality content to you every other day, and I feel like I succeeded! So, here's a recap on everything I posted this month, just in case you missed something. :)

I told you about what I was loving in June here.

I had a slight rant about the lack of maxi dresses for petite women here.

I wrote about my attempt to get fitter here.

I informed you how to organise your clothes drawers here.

I wrote about how important engaging with other bloggers is here.

I showed you how to personalise a plain old notebook here.

I did a post about my diet here.

I showed you my new hair cut here.

I raved about my new holiday swimsuit here.

I made you some free wallpapers here!

I totally freaked out about hitting 50 followers on Bloglovin' here!

I showed you what I got from Primark most recently here.

I did a long overdue outfit post here.

I told you where to find cheap craft supplies here - plus I gave you a 20% discount code!

I informed you about how my going on holiday would affect my blog here.

And finally, I showed you my current favourite summer nail colours here.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Having only just realised that I'd never actually done a blog post about nails before - waaaaat?? - I decided to do a quick li'l post about the colours I've been wearing, am currently wearing or will be wearing this summer. These are chosen out of the colours that I already own, as I haven't actually had much chance to buy nail polish recently - I've been more concerned with getting outfits together for my trip to España!

On my hands I like to wear either this bold blue colour from Miss Sporty (no name on the bottle), this pretty purple colour by 17 (Purple Jewel), or for when I'm tanned (which will probably be never) I wear this bright white by 17 (Mini Skirt).

I'm not really too keen on wearing bold reds or pinks on my fingers, so I usually wear them on my toes, because I think those colours look so cute just peeking out of peep toe shoes or sandals. The ones I have are this random bright pink colour from an M&S nail set from yonks ago (again, no name on the bottle) and this bright red colour from Rimmel (030 Double Decker Red).

What are your favourite nail colours to wear in the summer?

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Sunday, 27 July 2014


Today is actually my last day in England, as I'll be flying off to Spain tomorrow for a week. This means that I'll probably be a bit slower getting back to you all in the form of comments or emails, but keep them coming in anyway! I've lined up some posts to go live while I'm away, so there'll still be brand new content getting published on here every other day. And don't worry, I'll put up some photos from my holiday on here when I get back!

Have a great week :)

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Saturday, 26 July 2014


In the UK, there's this shop called The Works (link to their website here). I kind of accidentally stumbled into one of their stores whilst holiday shopping and found that they sold quite a large selection of books, stationery and craft supplies at seriously reduced prices. One amazing offer that I noticed was The Song of Ice and Fire entire book collection for £29.99 - reduced from £65!

So naturally, my parents and I spent a long time looking around for some more of these fantastic deals. My mum grabbed three cookbooks for £1.99 each, one of which is for students - that one'll definitely come in handy in September ;) - and my dad picked up a motorbiking book. I grabbed some craft paper and materials in this vintage design for 99p...

…and a small canvas for £1.99.

I also spotted this really cool book called Textura: Valencia Street Art. It's about the graffiti and wall art all over the city of Valencia. What persuaded me to buy this book is that it's written in both English and Spanish - two columns of text, each written in one of the two languages. As I'm going on holiday this year to Spain, I thought I'd try and gain some of my Spanish vocabulary and translation skills back, by reading the Spanish and then if I get stuck, I can take a sneaky peek at the English! The RRP for this book was about £25, but I somehow snatched it up for £3.99!

This is all I bought in the store, but the person at the till also gave me a points card to register when I got home. This was the moment when I realised "omg they have an online store I'm totally gonna buy everything they have" and I pretty much did just that! I ordered a load of craft supplies and other bits and bobs from their website, which probably would have cost me about £20-30 if I'd got it all from Hobbycraft. As it is, I only paid £8.77 for all the stuff I'm about to show you! So here goes:

I got this really cool London Underground wrapping paper for 59p...

…ten sheets of this really good quality black card for 99p…

…these little flipbooks with cute designs inside, each for 99p…

…this cool textured paper in five different colours for 99p…

…these pads of paper in different designs, each for 99p…

…this 2014 calendar and diary for 25p (both together!)…

…and lastly this magazine with tons of Photoshop tutorials inside for £1.99.

I'm absolutely chuffed with the stuff that I ordered, especially because they were such bargains! If any of you are interested in ordering things from their online store too, it says on their website here that they ship to mostly just the UK and Northern Ireland, but they can also deliver to the rest of Ireland, Canada, Australia and the USA.

Once I'd actually made my order, I got sent a code for 20% off your first order to share with friends, so I thought - why not share it on my blog? To get this discount, just type into the promotional code box at the checkout: RCF20, or alternatively you can click this link here. This discount code expires on 19th August 2014, so get your orders in quick if you want to benefit from it!

Also, occasionally The Works will have a week or a weekend where they'll give you a code for free delivery on all orders or a different percentage discount, so keep your eyes peeled for these on their website, as they might be better than the 20% code I've given you. I don't think, however, that you can use multiple promotional codes on the same order, so just calculate it all out to see which code would be better for you :)

Have any of you bought stuff from The Works before? If not, where do you go to get cheaper books and craft supplies?

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Thursday, 24 July 2014


I just realised I haven't done an outfit post for almost two months! So I thought I'd get back into the swing of things with an outfit I love to wear on an evening out.

Top - Matalan - £6

Culottes - ASOS - £15

Chunky heels - Primark - £12

Necklace - USC - £3

Bag - ASOS - £12

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I find it kinda annoying that Primark doesn't have an online store that you can browse around on for hours, or use to see what's in store before actually going shopping, so I thought a haul post showing you all some of the things that they're selling at the moment would probably be quite useful. This post is basically a cumulation of all the trips I've made to Primark over the last few weeks, which means that this will inevitably be a pretty long and picture-heavy post! Bear with me though, it'll definitely be worth your while - some of this stuff is seriously nice… and super cheap too! :)

White summer dress - £5. Such a bargain.

Formal tailored playsuit - £14. Loving the contrasting collar on this one :)

Chiffon-y shirt - £9. Yup, another collar.

Raglan top - £2. Great for lazy days.

Hogwarts T-shirt - £6. As a HP fan, I just couldn't resist this one!

Monochrome oriental-esque top - £4. I really love the print on this one.

Aztec print shorts - £4. So light and floaty.

Abstract print shorts - £4. Loving the cobalt blue edging.

Teal bodycon skirt - £2. Gotta love teal.

Nude flats - £4. These are seriously versatile.

When I went into Primark, I was kinda intending to buy lots of things for my upcoming family holiday to Spain - like shorts, dresses and floatier tops - but I just couldn't resist some of these bargains! I really hope this post helps give you all an idea of what's in Primark stores at the moment!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014


Yayyyyy! Camis & Cushions finally hit 50 followers on Bloglovin'!

I know it's not a particularly large or impressive number, but it really does feel like a big milestone to me, seeing as I literally had about two (absolutely lovely) people reading my blog for the first 6 months haha! I'd have liked to have done some sort of giveaway to mark this occasion, but I never really thought I'd have 50 actual people reading my blog, so I never planned anything in advance. For this, I apologise profusely!

So instead, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of the faithful readers of this little corner of the internet for sticking with me this far on my blogging journey, and I'd appreciate it sooo much if you all kept supporting my blog, as it (hopefully!) grows even bigger and better in the future.

*internet hugs*

Saturday, 19 July 2014


Today's post is a bit different, because I decided to create my first ever freebie wallpapers that you can download right to your phone or computer! I wanted to create something simple, fun, and of course summery, so I used the lyrics from a brilliant Beatles song that I've had stuck in my head for days as inspiration. I designed these wallpapers in a gorgeous slightly-darker-than-mint green and a beautiful coral colour, both of which, I believe, are perfect for the summer!

To download the wallpaper you want, click the corresponding link below, then right-click on the image that you are taken to and save it to your computer or phone. Then just load it up as your background and you're done!

Download the green wallpaper for:

Download the coral wallpaper for:

I really hope you like these and enjoy using them throughout this season - be sure to leave me a comment if you do actually decide to use one of them. I'm hoping they'll encourage the sun to come over to the UK - we seem to be immune to any sort of nice weather over here!

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