Friday, 28 August 2015


Over the summer I decided to have a go at updating an old photo album of mine. It was one that I had acquired when I was quite a bit younger (and very interested in fairies, as you can see below).

I found a pile of old National Geographic maps whilst tidying the house, and thought it would be a great idea to use one to redecorate this photo album. So I gave it a go with the materials that I had lying around the house, and it actually worked out wayyy better than I'd predicted - my parents were really impressed and told me that the finished album looked really professional. So here is how to make your very own map-covered photo album.

You will need:

An old photo album
A large map
A sheet of card in a complimentary colour to the map
An adhesive metal bookplate (optional)
Masking tape
Mod podge

How to make your new and improved photo album:

1. Strip the existing cover from your photo album. If you can, try to detach the plastic photo sleeves and their spine from the hard outer album cover.

2. Reinforce any weak areas of the bare cover with masking tape. By 'weak areas' I mean the edges and the vertical folds of the album.

3. Cut the map to a size a couple centimetres larger than the whole cover laid down flat. Apply mod podge thinly to the outer face of your bare album cover and press it onto the map. Try to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles straight away. Remember to close the cover into the shape that it will sit in on a bookshelf before the mod podge dries, otherwise it might dry with not enough excess paper to allow it to close. (Sorry if I've just confused you, this part is kinda hard to explain! Just fold it back into a normal book shape before it dries too much.)

4. Once dry, lay the album flat again. Cut triangles off the corners of the map and fold the strips remaining over onto the inside of the album.

5. Then cut your piece of coloured card to the size of the inside of the album. making sure you leave none of the bare album showing through. Stick into place with mod podge.

6. Restick the spine holding the plastic photo sleeves onto the inside spine of the photo album. The finishing touch (although optional) is the adhesive metal bookplate on the outer spine.

And there you have it - your very own beautiful map-covered photo album. Of course, you could use whatever paper you wish to cover your own album. Make it personal to you - just make sure that the paper you choose is large enough to fit the album plus a couple centimetres. Happy crafting!


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