Friday, 27 June 2014


My brother came back from university last week, so, naturally, the other day we spent about four hours playing old video games together. As kiddies, we used to be completely obsessed with Lego, so our favourite online computer game used to be this Lego-orientated puzzle game called Junkbot. You basically just have to move the Lego bricks to get the main character, Junkbot, to the blue trashcans, whilst avoiding obstacles along the way. You have to try and do each level in as few moves as possible, and you gradually unlock new areas as you play. After all these years, I finally found it online again - here's a link to play it.

Did any of you guys used to play this when you were little? If not, what were your favourite computer games?


  1. I used to play Junkbot too! But my ultimate favourite games were the Barbie games. I loved dressing her up! Love your blog xx

  2. laurabethowens28 June 2014 at 20:45

    aw thank you!! :D and woohoo! someone else that knows about Junkbot! And yeah I used to really like the barbie games too - i had a barbie storymaker cd-rom that I could just spend hours on!


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