Sunday, 15 September 2013


I've never actually been to a proper gig or a concert before, unless you count the time I went to a Girl Guides event where some not-very-well-known bands played some never-before-heard songs for us and we screamed at them whilst wearing our Guides uniforms, trainers and bunny ears. I created this outfit so that when I do finally go and see one of my favourite artists or bands perform, I'll know immediately what to wear.

The jacket is my £8 light blue denim jacket from M&S. I wrote a more detailed post about it here.

The top has the year 1985 written on it in the design of multicoloured beads and gems. It cost me about £10 and it was from H&M. I like the idea of this top because you don't need to accessorise with a necklace because of the jewellery design adds the colour already. Besides, I wouldn't want a necklace smacking me in the face if I was jumping around at a gig!

This light grey bodycon skirt is also from H&M and cost me £2 - it was in the sale! I thought this skirt was a good idea because the fact that it's fitted contrasts with the boxy top and bulky jacket.

I got these combat boots from New Look. I seem to remember that I bought them incredibly reduced in a sale at about £3. They would be very comfortable for walking around in and also for staying stood up for a long time at a concert.

NB: I would recommend taking an across the body bag for convenience and practicality.

Disclaimer: I bought all of these items of clothing with my own money and photographed them myself.

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