Friday, 25 October 2013


From when I was about nine months old (that was the age I was when my family and I moved into the house in which we currently live), my bedroom walls were bright yellow or saffron. This was until I was about 11 or 12 years old and decided that this colour was a bit young for me and I wanted a room that was a bit more grown up. So we (well, when I say we, I mean my parents!) painted the walls a lavender-like colour because I was really into purple at the time. Literally everything I chose to go in my room was purple, and I mean everything: the walls, the carpet, the curtains, the lightshade, the bed covers, the lamp...! As you can probably guess, I didn't really have much of an idea about complementary or contrasting colours.

This summer, I decided once again that I'd had enough with the current state of my room and really wanted a more adult room. When I suggested the idea of changing the colour of my walls to my parents, I wasn't expecting them to agree with my idea but strangely they actually did get on board with the whole thing! We agreed that we would redecorate this autumn when I have two weeks off from school. I knew I wanted a more neutral room (kind of like a studio room) because then I would be able to add different coloured accessories to make the room more my own (plus I'd be able to put up my awesome retro canvases without their bold colours competing for attention with purple walls!). I couldn't decide between having white, grey or cream walls but I eventually decided on cream because it seemed the warmest option of the three. Now I'm really excited to see my room when it's finished and show it off on this blog!

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