Friday, 18 October 2013


I was very lucky to have my previous phone upgraded to an iPhone 5S, so, of course, that meant I had to buy myself a cool new case! My previous phone case was in the style of a cassette and I knew I wanted to get something similar but not exactly the same. I knew I also wanted a silicone case again because it's really grippy and makes the phone feel more sturdy in your hand. When I saw this one on the internet, I knew it was the one for me!

I bought this case through Amazon, but it is actually from a company called Online Best Digital. I paid £1.79 for it and it had free delivery. On the Amazon website, it said that delivery would take between 7-23 days, however mine arrived in the post after 5 days, which was brilliant! My new phone is white like the case so the two go perfectly together. Overall, it was a complete bargain and a fantastic buy - I would definitely recommend this case to other iPhone 5 or 5S users! There is a link to the case on Amazon here.

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