Monday, 7 September 2015


As a student, I'm always looking for ways to either save money or make a little bit on the side. I recently stumbled upon a list of online survey websites and spent some time signing up and testing a few of them out. I wanted to find out for myself which ones were the best in terms of money earned per minute spent answering questions, as well as how much money I had to accumulate on my account before being allowed to withdraw it into my actual bank account. So this post is my list of tried-and-tested all-time favourite online survey websites - I hope you find these useful!

This is a great site for quick surveys if you only have a couple minutes to spare. Surveys can last between 1-5 minutes and usually reward you with sums of 10p - 20p per survey. The withdrawal threshold is £40, which is fairly high, however you get a head start towards that total of £2.50 just for signing up.

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This is the site with the lowest withdrawal threshold of only £2.50. This means that you only have to make £2.50 on the site before you can get your hands on the money! This site uses PayPal is its main redemption method, which means you can actually have the money pretty much immediately after you click 'Redeem'. Surveys can last roughly between 5-25 minutes, although I have had a couple of surveys 40 minutes long! The time you spend on a survey is generally reflected pretty well by how many points they award you for completion.

This site also offers surveys of a variety of lengths, and rewards for surveys can range from 10p - £3. The redemption threshold is £10, however the site doesn't allow withdrawals via Paypal, only withdrawals straight to your bank account, which can take up to a week to come through.

This survey site works in a slightly stricter manner than the previous sites. They have this '3 strikes and you're out' system to make sure people answer surveys honestly and don't just click through as fast as they can. The withdrawal threshold of this site is £15, but I've found that I don't receive as many surveys from SurveyBods as the rest, so it might take a little while to reach that sum. However, they do have this little status system, which awards your account with a Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond badge depending on how many surveys you've successfully completed, which is a nice little touch!


A bonus feature that these kinds of sites offer are tickets/entries into monthly/quarterly prize draws, going up to grand prizes of £5000 in some cases. The more surveys you take part in, the more entries you get into these prize draws, and thus the more chance you have of winning!

Another good aspect of these websites is they send you emails inviting you to surveys as they're released. This kind of thing might not be for you if you don't want your inbox getting clogged up, but if you're willing to put up with it, it's a modest way to earn a bit of cash when you've got some spare time to kill.

And it's fairly common to get screened out from surveys if you don't fit the criteria they're looking for, or if they've received sufficient entries already - so don't be disheartened, just move onto the next one!

Since I started answering surveys just over a month ago, I've managed to make and actually withdraw into my bank account £30 from the various websites. But the thing is, I still have about £20 spread over the different sites saved up to be claimed once I reach their respective withdrawal thresholds - ka-ching!


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