Saturday, 19 July 2014


Today's post is a bit different, because I decided to create my first ever freebie wallpapers that you can download right to your phone or computer! I wanted to create something simple, fun, and of course summery, so I used the lyrics from a brilliant Beatles song that I've had stuck in my head for days as inspiration. I designed these wallpapers in a gorgeous slightly-darker-than-mint green and a beautiful coral colour, both of which, I believe, are perfect for the summer!

To download the wallpaper you want, click the corresponding link below, then right-click on the image that you are taken to and save it to your computer or phone. Then just load it up as your background and you're done!

Download the green wallpaper for:

Download the coral wallpaper for:

I really hope you like these and enjoy using them throughout this season - be sure to leave me a comment if you do actually decide to use one of them. I'm hoping they'll encourage the sun to come over to the UK - we seem to be immune to any sort of nice weather over here!

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