Wednesday, 27 August 2014


This project was very much inspired by Meg Allan Cole's fantastic DIY Geometric Bear video tutorial on HGTV Handmade. I have been in luuurve with this particular Youtube Channel for a fair few months now, and when I saw this little project appear in my subscriptions feed, I just had to have a go myself!

All you need is: a small canvas, a needle, some embroidery thread, a pencil, a ruler, a couple sheets of A4 paper, scissors, tape, and a printed out silhouette of your chosen animal. I chose an elephant because I thought it would be a really interesting shape to fill in with just triangles, and I'd like to think it worked out quite well! Meg gives really clear instructions of how to make your own version of this in her video, so just click here to watch it and enjoy making your own geometric animal wall art!

What animal would you choose for your geometric wall art?

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