Sunday, 21 August 2016


Recently, I placed my first order at Society6. After a fair few hours(!) of pouring over all the pretty artwork appearing on my computer screen, I eventually settled on this small wall tapestry, measuring 51 inches tall by 60 inches wide.

The mandala design is by an artist called Nika - I just adore the colours and the intricate patterns in her work, especially this one! I managed to nab this wall tapestry during a 15% off + free delivery event so it was a tad cheaper than the base price on the website.

I really think wall tapestries are a great alternative to traditional framed wall art if you're not afraid to go big and make a statement with it. I hung mine in my bedroom at my parents' house and every time my mum comes into my room, she's always saying how much she likes it - I'm pretty sure she's gonna steal it as soon as I head back to uni!

Have you ever bought anything from Society6?


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