Sunday, 7 September 2014


My parents accompanied me into town the other day, as we were out gathering the last few bits and pieces that I needed for university. My mum said that she'd buy me a new pair of boots as the weather further up north will be even more rainy than it is where we live, and she wanted me to wear something other than my trusty-but-unfortunately-now-falling-apart-and-not-to-mention-pretty-grubby white converse-style pumps.

As soon as we entered the footwear section of Marks & Spencer, I immediately spotted this gorgeous pair of black biker boots. One of the many reasons I love them is because they have this kinda slouchy top, which gives them a pretty casual vibe, but also makes slipping them on in a hurry very easy! (This will come in handy when I only wake up five minutes before a morning lecture!) They also have this special "Insolia Flex" feature, which basically means they're just super comf to walk in. I think the sizing on this particular style of boots is slightly bigger than normal, as usually I'm a size 5-6, but I ended up getting these in a size 4.5, because the size 5 pair was just huuuge!

I feel like you could wear these boots with literally anything: jeans, a dress, shorts, leggings, a skirt - the list is endless! They cost £39.50, which I think is a really good price for such great quality boots, and if you want a closer look at them on the M&S website, just click here. :)

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