Saturday, 13 September 2014


The other day, I had another adventure to M&S with my mum, as it would be our last shopping trip together for a while. We attended this cardholders event where you can go along and watch a style presentation, as well as picking up a glass of Cava and a few nibbles - no Cava for me though, I was the responsible driver! I did, however, manage to find a few surprises that I'd never have thought I could buy from Marks & Spencer - you learn something new every day I guess!

Okay, so the first purchase I made was the very last issue of Company magazine. I was pretty surprised to find this in M&S - I thought they just sold clothes and food there! This magazine had rapidly become one of my favourites, so I was stunned and slightly saddened when I found out a couple weeks ago that it was coming to an end. I just loved the experience of flicking through its matte pages and gawking at all the gorgeous clothes inside, so I'm not sure whether I'll keep up with their website as much as I did with the physical magazine. Still, I'm sure I'll enjoy reading this final instalment.

Another surprising find was this really pretty phone case. It's a hard snap-on case that fits the iPhone 5 or 5S. I picked it up originally just because it was £3 reduced from £9.50, but on closer inspection I discovered that it was designed specifically for M&S by someone called Holly Sharpe.When I got home, I looked her up on Google and found her website, which features more of her fashion illustrations and products she has designed for clients. I absolutely adore her style of illustration, especially with the bursts of colour layered on top of a beautiful black and white drawing. I would love to eventually buy one of her prints to display in my room - there are so many stunning pieces to choose from! [This phone case is currently still available for £3 on the M&S website here.]

I already knew that M&S had a beauty section, so this one was more of an expected purchase. This nail varnish duo, also designed by Holly Sharpe, includes this gorgeous orange-y red colour as well as a glitter top coat to accompany it. It was on sale for £2 reduced from £7.50, so it was definitely quite a bargain! Unfortunately, this product is no longer available on the M&S website, but there did seem to be quite a number of them left in the actual store.

The final thing I bought was this beautiful shimmery nail polish in the shade Pearl. I bought this bottle for just £1 - an absolute steal! You can check out more of the Autograph nail polish collection on the M&S website here.

What's the most surprising thing you've ever left a shop with - something that you had no idea they sold?

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