Thursday, 3 July 2014


At the ripe old age of 18(!), I am reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that I will probably not grow any taller. However, I cannot actually recall having any kind of growth spurt during my pubescent years, so I do still remain quietly hopeful (somewhat naively) for a couple more inches. Or centimetres. Or just one centimetre… please...? Still, my immediate problem is to do with buying clothes, more specifically maxi dresses, designed for the more petite ones amongst us.

ASOS usually have a decent selection of petite maxi dresses - they have just over 50 different styles in stock right now. The thing is: as soon as you remove the word 'petite' from your search, you find that there are over 1000 different maxi dresses to choose from. I'd say that this is approximately proportional to what you'd find in the shops, i.e. for every 20 maxi dresses you spot in the normal height section, you find about one in the petite section. This really annoys me because most of the time, you see a maxi dress in the normal section that you really like, but then you realise that it would be ridiculous for you to even consider buying it, as it would simply be dragging along the floor the entire time you wore it. That is unless you wear huuuuge platform heels, which I'm pretty sure none of us really wanna do when we're just chillin' on holiday. And if the one design that they actually do have in the petite section just isn't your thing, then where does that leave you?

This whole thing also bothers me because the average height for women in the UK is about 5'3" to 5'4". This means that there has to be a whole load of women smaller than the average in order for it to even be an average (hell yeah, statistics skills finally coming in useful!) - so why can't shops reflect that in what they sell, instead of always having a minuscule petite section?!

Anyway, rant over! These are my picks from the current selection of petite maxi dresses on ASOS:

Is it just the shops where I live that have teeny tiny petite sections, or do any of you guys have this same problem? Feel free to comment if we're in the same boat!


  1. I have this problem too! I'm not even that short, I think maxi dresses are just too long! I know a lot of people are ok having them touch the ground but I don't like the idea of them getting dirty D:

  2. i know right?! its so ridiculous, especially if people who aren't even short are having this problem too… Clothes stores - get your act together!


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