Saturday, 27 September 2014


I haven't actually sat down and properly written a blog post for about two and a half weeks now (The last couple of posts were scheduled a few days in advance). The reason for this is that I moved in to university earlier this month, so I've had to adjust to an entirely different city and being away from home with people I've never met before. I found it quite hard in the first week - I was missing home an awful lot, and I seriously didn't think I'd be able to carry on at university for another 12 weeks.

In between all the nights out I went on, I actually found myself with a lot of time to kill during the days before my lectures started in the second week, which would have been the perfect time to write and schedule a few blog posts instead of leaving all you lovely readers of my blog in the lurch with no content to read. However, instead, I found myself just watching pointless catch-up TV in my bedroom, because I couldn't motivate myself to really do anything that required a certain amount of effort - talk to flatmates or coursemates, write up a blog post or two, or just do anything productive at all. I left the reading and creative task I had to do over summer until the night/early hours before my first module briefing on the Monday morning - I was knackered for my first session and didn't have the energy to do anything else that day. Since then, I've been given two more briefs for modules I'm taking this year, plus a heck of a lot of reading to do for a lecture series on Wednesday mornings. This huge workload that was suddenly sprung upon me has made me realise that I need to manage my time extremely well each week if I want to stay on top of everything and still have enough time to eat, sleep well, and socialise.

Hopefully, from now on I'll be a more reliable person both concerning my studies and other responsibilities in real life, as well as on this blog. To be honest, until writing this post, I didn't realise how much I've been missing blogging! I'm not going to promise to post a certain number of times a week, because I don't want to add that unnecessary pressure to myself, but I'll certainly try to blog a bit more frequently than I have been doing recently.


Wow, reading that first bit back makes it sound like my time at university so far has been really bleak and stressful, but I can assure you it hasn't been! I've enjoyed nights out and pub quizzes with flatmates, a few shopping trips and Mexican food with people from my course during the day, as well as some alone time letting myself recharge in my room. Plus, I've learnt how to wash and tumble dry my clothes, and I've already done my first food shopping trip! It's really daunting at first when you come to uni and you put a T-shirt in the wash basket, and your mum isn't there to wash and dry it, or when you finish off a loaf of bread, another one doesn't just appear in its place - you actually have to do stuff for yourself! It's weird but at the same time really cool that I'm doing everything myself. It's definitely giving me more confidence that I can actually cope with the challenges that university throws at me!

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