Sunday, 1 September 2013


I decided to put together my first outfit idea out of the clothes that I own. I would say that this outfit is suitable for going out for dinner with friends or family.

The jacket is a straight, black blazer from Topshop. I saw this blazer last year, originally priced at £60, when I was trying to find a black jacket to wear for sixth form/college. However, I didn't buy it then because it is dry clean only, which wouldn't have been particularly practical if I were to wear it on an every day basis for college. The last time I went shopping, about a week ago, I saw it in the sale section of Topshop for £20 in my size so I just couldn't leave it there with that crazy discount on it! I will probably only wear it on special occasions to keep dry cleaning costs down to a minimum though. This blazer looks great over the top of skater dresses in particular because its straight fit contrasts with the femininely shaped dress underneath. Also, the slightly rolled up sleeves of the blazer help to draw the eye to the waist and accentuate the female shape.

The dark red/pink sleeveless skater dress is from New Look, by the brand 'Cameo Rose'. I had never bought anything from that label before, so I thought I would try it. I bought it for £8 in the sale, which was reduced from £19.99. I would usually put a skinny belt around my waist when I wear a skater dress, but this one has quite an obvious seam connecting the top part of the dress to the skirt, therefore I would say that you don't really need one for this particular garment.

The nude heels were £19.50 from the Limited Collection in M&S. They came in many different colours: red, nude, black, navy, tan, etc... but I chose nude because they are the most versatile and they give the illusion of a longer leg, and thus more height, which is great for someone like me who is only 5'2"! The heels are 10.5cm tall, so they obviously aren't skyscraper heels but are still reasonably high. There is a thin platform at the bottom of the shoe, which contains cushioning for your foot so they are quite comfortable to walk in.

Finally, the rose gold watch is also from M&S and cost £35. The first time I saw a Michael Kors rose gold watch, I instantly fell in love with the colour and the chunky, masculine style, but because I can't afford a real one at the moment, I thought I would look for a cheaper version. When I found this one in M&S, I was very excited! The only downside is that the three smaller dials on the face are for design purposes only, ie. the hands are not made to go round, whereas on Michael Kors watches, the hands go round on the smaller dials too. The watch was too big for my wrist when I first bought it, however it comes with adjusting instructions which are very easy to follow and carry out.

Disclaimer: I bought all of these items of clothing with my own money and photographed them myself.

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