Wednesday, 4 September 2013


A week or two ago, I went to Discount UK. This is basically a cheap store here in the UK which sells everything from food and drink to toiletries and home/kitchen tools. I was looking for a plain canvas about A3 size so that I could do some melted crayon rainbow art, like the ones I'd seen on Pinterest and Tumblr. I picked one up for £1 - absolute bargain!

I was walking round the rest of the store trying to find my parents when I spotted some canvases with photographs of flowers and cities on. I originally liked a large purpley-toned canvas of Venice (I'd been there on holiday a few years before and it reminded me of the good times I had had with my family there), however it was a massive canvas and would have taken up too much space on my wall.

I then spotted a pack of 4 smaller canvases about 35x35cm, which had some seriously cool retro images in really bright and vibrant colours on them: an old-fashioned radio, telephone, typewriter and scooter. I instantly fell in love with them and had to buy them. It cost £8.99 for the whole pack of 4, which is another total bargain!

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