Saturday, 3 May 2014


This month I've been loving these amaaaazing banana chips from Holland & Barrett. They're a reasonably healthy snack (in moderation!) with a yummy coating of chocolate and yoghurt. Nom noms.

I've also started knitting this April - I'm currently in the process of making myself a hat and scarf in preparation for when I go to university up north in September! Once you've learnt the basic skills of knitting, you can just get on with it whilst catching up on your favourite TV programme!

Speaking of TV programmes, I've spent almost all my free time this month re-watching the complete box set of Heroes. It's a series about people who discover they have abilities, like time travel, regeneration, flight, etc, and how they attempt to save the world whilst still keeping their identity hidden. All the characters' paths cross, sometimes without realising it themselves, and I think the way everyone is connected in the story is brilliant. I would definitely recommend watching this if you haven't seen it before, or if you have, then go watch it again! As you can probably tell, I seriously cannot get enough of this programme!

I thought I'd also include some of the songs I've been loving this month:

Happy - Pharrell Williams
I See Fire - Ed Sheeran
Last Request - Paolo Nutini
Girls Chase Boys - Ingrid Michaelson
Electric Feel - MGMT
Not About Angels - Birdy
Mt. Washington - Local Natives
Undisclosed Desires - Muse
Best Day Of My Life - American Authors
Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
Big Jet Plane - Angus & Julia Stone

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