Wednesday, 21 May 2014


So... it seems I may have neglected this blog a li'l bit over the last couple weeks. I feel like revision got on top of me, big time. I had to resit one of my Philosophy exams from last year, and seeing as this was my last chance to do it, I thought I'd try and work as hard as I could for it. It went quite well, so I'm hoping all that intense revision paid off!

But the fact that I've started my exams already means that I actually finished school a couple weeks ago - FOREVER! I was so excited to leave by the end because we were just doing constant revision and on some days going into school was pretty pointless as we weren't learning anything new. On the last day we had a formal assembly, got our yearbooks and leavers hoodies and then left! I wasn't particularly emotional on that final day because I know I'm gonna see all my friends during summer and we'll still keep in touch when we're all at uni. I'll still miss seeing them everyday, but we'll have more to catch up on when we do get together!

Also, having done one exam already, and having already completed my Graphic Design A Level, I feel a few steps closer to finally getting to university, especially as I've got less than 4 months to go now! I'm seriously excited to leave home, move out and start at uni. I can't wait to start experiencing new things in a completely different part of the country and meet a load of new people from all different backgrounds. I think it'll be weird at the beginning just studying one subject all the time, but hopefully it'll be what I love to do so it won't even seem like work. Also, the plus side of choosing an Art and Design subject is that I won't have written exams at the end of each year, so when all my friends are cramming for their exams, I'll be outside relaxing in the sunshine! Well, that's the plan anyway!

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