Sunday, 29 June 2014


So, the other day I was just finishing designing the new look for my blog - by the way, do you like the new design? I did it all myself using tutorials from other bloggers - I think I might be starting to get the hang of all this css and html/coding malarkey! The image below is what my blog looked like before - aaaah blogception! :O

I definitely prefer how it is now; it's cleaner, more simplistic, and just a bit more mature I think :) It's not perfect by any means, but it'll do until I decide to have another mess with it haha!

Sorry, going a bit off topic there! So where was I… Oh yes, I was just finishing up for the day and changing some of the signatures on the ends of blog posts that were already published (the signatures had a coral background before to go with the old colour scheme, so I was changing them to green to go with the new colour scheme). I was clicking things really fast because I was trying to get through all the posts - I like to get repetitive stuff done as quickly as possible - and then disaster struck. I don't really know what I did, but suddenly my recent post called 'The Summer Tag' was just magically replaced by the one that I posted two days ago about old video games, and I have literally no idea how or why it happened!?! Maybe I was pressing Command-Z (Control-Z on Windows) repeatedly to try and undo something and then pressed save without thinking? But it just somehow overwrote my summer tag post with this other post. Or, thinking about it, it could have had something to do with my Apple magic mouse - when you swipe to the left, it takes you back to the page you were viewing before the current one - and sometimes I carelessly swipe sideways thinking I've swiped downwards. It takes me back a page without saving and I lose my work.

Well, whatever caused it, I just immediately started freaking out because I've never been as careless as this with regard to my blog. I'm always really careful and I was just so annoyed with myself that it happened, especially seeing as someone else put the effort in to make the questions up for that tag. And I answered them as honestly as I could because it was my first tag and now it's gone forever, lost to the depths of the Internet. Or so I thought…

The morning after this debarkle, I had a brilliant idea to maybe be in with a shot of recovering the contents of my lost post. I went onto the Bloglovin' app, because I know that when I flick through my feed every morning and click on people's posts, the app doesn't take me directly to each post on its proper webpage. Instead, I am shown the contents of each post (the text and images) within the app. So I thought "I wonder if my Summer Tag post is still there" and sure enough it was there. I clicked on it and, as I said just before, it showed me the post without taking me to the webpage it is actually on. If it had taken me to the actual post on the web, I would've just been told that the webpage no longer exists. So once I discovered it really was there, I took about a million screenshots of it (just to be on the safe side!), typed up all my answers again, and Bob's your uncle - you'd never guess that anything ever happened! I'm now just sooo glad I signed up for Bloglovin' back in April - it has literally saved my blog!

So immediately after this whole thing went down, I was like, okay I'm not gonna let anything close to this happen again, so I typed into Google "how to backup a blogger blog" and I found this really useful post. It's really easy to follow, and it tells you how to download both the template of your blog as well as the content, i.e. all the posts and pages you've linked to it. This process saves a copy of your blog in its current state straight to your computer to be used as a backup in case something goes wrong in the future. It's a pretty quick and simple task to complete, definitely worth doing!

To be honest, I can't actually believe I went almost a whole year without backing up my blog. You hear all kinds of stories on the internet with people's blogger accounts getting hacked and their blogs being deleted, cases much much worse than my temporary self-inflicted blog post deletion. Still, it has changed my perception on the matter. So from now on, I'll probably be backing up my blog every week or month, so at least I'll be able to recover something if the same thing happens again!

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