Tuesday, 15 July 2014


So you've probably already guessed by the title that I went and finally got most of my (very long) hair chopped off. It was a trip to the hairdressers that was long overdue, seeing as my last major hair cut was back in 2012! Since then, I'd gotten tiny blonde streaks added at various points around my head - I don't even know where I got that idea from! - and I'd attempted to give my hair a dip dyed effect, which I actually wrote about in this post. I quickly got bored of the ombré look, so I tried to cover up the blonde ends with a dark brown colour, but the new colour gradually faded out over the following 8 weeks.

This left my hair pretty much how it is in the 'before' photos below. It just kept growing and I did nothing with it, apart from straighten it, until I thought, "Right. Once I finish school and am completely done with my exams, I want to change up my hair and give myself a new look before I start university." Going to uni will be a new chapter in my life, so I decided it was the perfect excuse for quite a major change with regard to my hair. After flicking through pages of Google images of celebrity hairstyles, I decided to go for a medium length hairstyle, which compared to my pretty long hair before, would definitely be the big change I was looking for. My thought process was that medium-length hair will be quicker to dry and style, and would still look nice when I curl it.

I think I was using my long hair as kind of a safety blanket - it was something about myself that I was really comfortable with, so I wanted this haircut to kind of help me take a step out of that comfort zone. (Please excuse the shocking quality of the the second 'before' photo - it was an awkward angle to hold the camera at and my hand was shaking! Still, you get the idea of how long my hair was before.)

So I made THE hair appointment just over a week ago, and on Friday 11th July at 11am, I popped into the salon and had about 30cm cut off! My hairdresser said that she really enjoyed cutting all that hair off - I'd never really thought how satisfying it would be to chop off a load of someone else's hair… but it kinda makes sense! She also added some layers all around my head and at the front to frame my face. She kept saying how my hair just looks so much healthier now that all the split ends and the straggly bits are gone! I'm really happy with how my hair is now - there's more body and shape to it, and the length is perfect. It's exactly the change I was looking for!


  1. Ashley Llewellyn15 July 2014 at 19:32

    Love your new haircut, it's so cute! :)


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