Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I find it kinda annoying that Primark doesn't have an online store that you can browse around on for hours, or use to see what's in store before actually going shopping, so I thought a haul post showing you all some of the things that they're selling at the moment would probably be quite useful. This post is basically a cumulation of all the trips I've made to Primark over the last few weeks, which means that this will inevitably be a pretty long and picture-heavy post! Bear with me though, it'll definitely be worth your while - some of this stuff is seriously nice… and super cheap too! :)

White summer dress - £5. Such a bargain.

Formal tailored playsuit - £14. Loving the contrasting collar on this one :)

Chiffon-y shirt - £9. Yup, another collar.

Raglan top - £2. Great for lazy days.

Hogwarts T-shirt - £6. As a HP fan, I just couldn't resist this one!

Monochrome oriental-esque top - £4. I really love the print on this one.

Aztec print shorts - £4. So light and floaty.

Abstract print shorts - £4. Loving the cobalt blue edging.

Teal bodycon skirt - £2. Gotta love teal.

Nude flats - £4. These are seriously versatile.

When I went into Primark, I was kinda intending to buy lots of things for my upcoming family holiday to Spain - like shorts, dresses and floatier tops - but I just couldn't resist some of these bargains! I really hope this post helps give you all an idea of what's in Primark stores at the moment!

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  1. Ashley Llewellyn22 July 2014 at 22:41

    I can't get over how cute that collared playsuit is..... so. cute. Also the shoes....what I'm trying to say is everything is so beautiful. I need to take pictures of the stuff I've bought too & make a post but I've been lazy and haven't done it yet haha :) These are some really wonderful finds! :)

  2. I know, I just love everything too! yeah it is kind of a load of effort to photograph all the things - i always have to motivate myself to get started, but I just love looking though people's haul posts so its totally worth it! :D


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