Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Having only just realised that I'd never actually done a blog post about nails before - waaaaat?? - I decided to do a quick li'l post about the colours I've been wearing, am currently wearing or will be wearing this summer. These are chosen out of the colours that I already own, as I haven't actually had much chance to buy nail polish recently - I've been more concerned with getting outfits together for my trip to España!

On my hands I like to wear either this bold blue colour from Miss Sporty (no name on the bottle), this pretty purple colour by 17 (Purple Jewel), or for when I'm tanned (which will probably be never) I wear this bright white by 17 (Mini Skirt).

I'm not really too keen on wearing bold reds or pinks on my fingers, so I usually wear them on my toes, because I think those colours look so cute just peeking out of peep toe shoes or sandals. The ones I have are this random bright pink colour from an M&S nail set from yonks ago (again, no name on the bottle) and this bright red colour from Rimmel (030 Double Decker Red).

What are your favourite nail colours to wear in the summer?

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  1. I am loving blues this summer too! and I just posted about white nail polish this week too! Great minds and all that... :)

  2. haha yes indeed :D blue and white are both great colours for summer!


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