Saturday, 2 August 2014


For music, I've been loving Against The Current's debut EP: Infinity. I've supported ATC pretty much since the very start of their Youtube career and I'm so glad they're getting more of their own original music out - there literally isn't a song of theirs that I dislike! My favourite song from this EP is Comeback Kid - such a good track.

Ever since 24: Live Another Day finished a couple weeks ago (I was totally raving about this in my June faves), I've been re-watching the old seasons of 24. Sorry to be repetitive but this programme is seriously brilliant!

My Canon EOS 700D has to be included in this post too, as I've really been getting my money's worth from it this month! I've been using it a heck of a lot for both blog photos and general photography on days out - you'll see a bit of this on Monday's post... I went to Blackpool!

My final favourite from this month has been my geometric notebook. It's so pretty and super practical - I've been using it to plan out some outfits for my family holiday!

What have you guys been loving this July?

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