Wednesday, 13 August 2014


A few weeks ago, my parents said they were going shopping to Matalan for some last minute stuff for our holiday, so I tagged along as well, thinking I could find a couple nice things in the sale section too. Browsing through the clothes and shoes, nothing really jumped out at me, but when I hit the accessories section, I went a bit crazy!

The first thing I picked up was this 3-pack of gold rings for £1.50 (reduced from £4). I really like the fact that two are in the style of chains, and the third is a bit different with little black gems going round it.

I also found this 3-pack of midi rings for £2 (reduced from £4). I was quite keen to try this style of ring out, as I'd seen them in shops before but hadn't found any I'd liked. This shape of ring is pretty simple, nevertheless I really like how they look when I wear them.

The last ring I picked up was this one… for £1! (reduced from £3) It's more of a statement ring and quite chunky, but I just love the design. The face has a kind of antique feel to it; I'm also really into black and gold jewellery at the moment, if you hadn't noticed!

One of the non-ring purchases is this really pretty, gold bracelet with a little leaf on it. I like this bracelet a lot - it's so dainty! I grabbed it for £3 (reduced from £6).

The last item was this gold chain bracelet, which kinda matches the first set of rings. Contrasting with the previous bracelet, this one's a bit more edgy. It cost me just £2 (reduced from £4).

Just as a little extra, I thought I'd show you the little bowl that I keep my ring collection in. My mum and I found it in the spare room when we were tidying it up a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty sure she said she got it from Cyprus when she went there on holiday as a 20-something-year-old, but she also said I could use it in my room - result! :P The bowl itself is quite an interesting object because the pattern is exclusively on the inside of the bowl, so it's just plain on the outside. It has a handpainted feel to it which I adore, and it's just the perfect size to hold my growing collection of rings :D

What's your favourite store for affordable jewellery?

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